Measure and Manage

Your operational technology cyber risk

Consolidate your industrial cyber risk management within a central web-based application.

Digitising Cyber Risk Management

CAST is an assessment and management platform designed to move you from paper based assessments and action tracking spreadsheets to a centralised digital tool that lifecycle manages your industrial cybersecurity programme.

Industrial Cybersecurity Translated for Business

Cybersecurity risk, particularly in the manufacturing space, is often unquantified and poorly communicated to business stakeholders.

CAST is purpose built to equip business leaders with the tools to measure and manage the cybersecurity risk of multi-vendor industrial technology across an entire network of sites.

The CAST Platform

OT Asset Inventory Management
Wholistic Risk Assessment
Data Visualisation and Benchmarking
Risk-Prioritised Action Planning
Programme Lifecycle Management

The CAST Advantage

In our experience, traditional assessment methods fail to deliver real value to both
operational and business stakeholders. CAST is purpose built to address the gaps we
see in industrial cyber risk management today.



Struggle to measure and track industrial cyber risk
Quantification of risk using simple metrics
Point in time assessments that date quickly
Lifecycle product that displays real time, dynamic data
Lack of engagement from senior management
Built to provide ‘big picture’ visibility to business leaders
Inconsistent analysis when assessing risk across sites
Standardised approach enables cross-site comparison
Focusing on technical risk, ignoring business risk
Business strategy considered as part of risk evaluation
Action tracking in spreadsheets and emails
Action plans, statuses and live scores all in one place