Risk-Prioritised Action Planning

The Challenge

Creating, Implementing and Tracking a Risk Mitigation Programme

With hundreds – sometimes thousands – of risks identified, knowing where and how to start can be a daunting task for OT teams. Tracking actions in spreadsheets and chasing owners for status updates over email is an inefficient approach to managing risk reduction.

The Solution

CAST: Risk-Prioritised Action Planning

CAST helps to highlight highest risk areas, identify quick wins and pinpoint low cost / low effort solutions. Apply a wide range of remediation actions and validate their impact on your risk scores in real time.

Dynamic scores

Graphics show your previous, current and target Score. Watch your current working score improve as you complete actions.

Bespoke Action Plan

Build your own risk mitigation plan to suit your strategy. Tackle highest risk first? Lowest hanging fruit? Lowest cost/effort? You decide.

Check your status

Visuals show your number of actions and their priority, status and due date so you don’t lose track

Action Plan timeline

See a timeline of previous action plans and their resulting score improvements