Programme Lifecycle Management

The Challenge

Ongoing Lifecycle Management of Your Programme

Most cyber risk assessments provide a paper-based report detailing weaknesses in security posture and offering recommendations for remediation. However, this point-in-time report does nothing to help track your progress as you begin your risk mitigation programme. This is why OT teams struggle to articulate their current risk level to senior stakeholders.

The Solution

CAST: Programme Lifecycle Management

CAST helps to not only drive a risk reduction programme but more importantly to lifecycle  manage this programme going forward. As the infrastructure, the enterprise, and the threat landscape changes, CAST helps you keep ontop your inventory, assessments and vulnerabilities.


Senior managers can schedule and assign assessments to be completed within a timeframe


Log and create actions against new vulnerabilities as they arise at a site and enterprise level


The references tab allows you to store relevant links or documents for users to easily access

My Actions

See all of the actions assigned to you in one place. Easily filter and sort to find the actions you need to update