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DTG Help Thomas Swan Understand Digital Leadership

DTG Help Thomas Swan Understand Digital Leadership

DTG were very helpful in providing a framework and structure’

Senior leaders from the Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd facility in Consett, County Durham took time out recently to reflect upon their current approach to their Digitalisation journey. Attending a workshop, aimed specifically at supporting leadership teams to deeply understand their digital challenge, the team are now better equipped to create and implement an appropriate, realistic, and meaningful Digital Strategy.

The one-day event, developed and delivered by DTG, brings together a wealth of experience and knowledge from the Digital Transformation experts.

DTG Operations Director, Ian Campbell, explained:

“As the pace of business continues to accelerate post-pandemic, companies are becoming increasingly reliant on the benefits of digitalisation to provide a competitive edge. However, delivering this success is not just about investing in new shiny tech, it is essential to first have the right mindset and culture throughout the organisation. We so often see businesses, fearing being left behind, react in a state of panic, by throwing money at the problem, but this is the worst thing you can do.

“Our workshop carefully walks people through the role of a digital leader, explaining how data is changing the market, identifying potential pitfalls and sharing how best to structure your business for digital success.”   

The innovative and interactive session sets out to deliver the following learning objectives:

  • Know how to lead in a digital world
  • Understand Industry 4.0, digital tools, and the modern manufacturing market
  • Know how to write and govern a digital strategy
  • Build delivery capability and performance metrics
  • Build the right structure and set up for success on your digital journey

Thomas Swan is a leading, major independent manufacturer of performance and speciality chemicals, offering outstanding service to domestic and international markets, supporting customers ranging from major multinationals to small start-ups.

Harry Swan, CEO said:

“The workshop highlighted how much digital technologies can make our day-to-day operations more productive, with lower costs and an improvement in quality. DTG carefully guided us through the process of creating and implementing an effective Digital Strategy and were very helpful in providing a framework and structure upon which to base this strategy.” 

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