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Digital Strategy Baseline Drives Benefit For Sterling Pharma

Digital Strategy Baseline Drives Benefit For Sterling Pharma

DTG has successfully completed a recent study with global pharmaceutical manufacturer Sterling Pharma Solutions, working with the organisation to analyse its existing digital strategy and identify future opportunities.

The baseline study, using DTG’s unique, non-intrusive engagement approach, combined with extensive experience in both the process industries manufacturing space and technology arena, allows the identification of opportunities, aligned to business needs, to deliver value in productivity, inventory, capital efficiency and innovation culture. 

Sterling Pharma Solutions is a global Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO) and is the largest independent UK provider of small molecule API development and manufacturing services to the pharmaceutical industry, specialising in handling challenging chemistries.

Kevin Cook, CEO of Sterling Pharma Solutions, said, “Our digital strategy is a key part of our business for now and for the future. As with everything we do, it is important that we constantly re-evaluate and improve our strategy and processes. The work we have undertaken with DTG has given us a subjective view from experts outside the organisation, which has helped inform a future direction for our strategy.
“DTG made this very easy, and with very little disruption were able to conduct a detailed analysis of our business from a digitalisation perspective.”

Key Questions When Developing A Digital Strategy 

DTG believe there are four fundamentals to developing a dynamic Digital Strategy. The first question is around technology infrastructure – has your organisation invested in the appropriate operational technology to ensure success? 

This then allows data to be captured which leads to question number two – have you aligned your data in a horizontal end-to-end approach to allow supply chain outcomes to be more successful?  

It is at this point that your organisation can explore the many digital tools and applications asking question number three – have I put in place a sustained approach to applying digital outcomes that provide a competitive ROI?  

Finally, question four is focussed on leadership, alignment and execution – have I put plans in place to develop my organisation’s digital culture and fully engaged the workforce to deliver?” 

DTG Managing Director, Ian Allan, explained, “Many of our clients benefit from stepping back from the relentless pace of day-to-day operations and taking the time to carry out a baseline analysis. Our straightforward and transparent four step process has proven to be a logical and effective approach in helping them to achieve digital success.” 

From the Baseline Study with Sterling, four strategic themes were identified and across these, 19 recommendations were made with a clear waste category, benefit dimension and value. This became the framework for a portfolio of projects, forming the foundation of a Digitalisation Strategy.

Ian continued, “Unlike many other technology organisations, DTG’s ability to support the delivery of the business goals doesn’t stop here. We have both a breadth and depth of experience in the team that allow us to support programme delivery, provide training and mentoring and ensure a wholistic approach to digital lifecycle management.”  

Moving forward, DTG will continue to work with Sterling to further refine their Digitalisation Strategy.

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