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Digital Applications Blueprint – Exactly What Every Plant Expansion Needs

Digital Applications Blueprint – Exactly What Every Plant Expansion Needs

Taking a big step towards designing a factory of the future

Is your business currently capacity constrained? When planning a plant expansion, most organisations are confused with just how much new technology to introduce, in fear of creating digital silos across their plant. To simplify this processs, DTG have created digital application blueprint designs for large biologics, small biologics, and API/continuous hybrid facilities.

Based on the industry standard Digital Plant Maturity Model, developed by BioPhorum, DTG’s designs provide an optimised view on the best approach for companies.

The model identifies the following five stages of maturity. DTG specialise in accelerating client’s journey through the first three;

  1. Pre-Digital Plant
  2. Digital Silos
  3. Connected Plant
  4. Predictive Plant
  5. Adaptive Plant

DTG Managing Director, Ian Allan, explained; “When applying automation to a manufacturing plant, there are various layers to consider, from field instrumentation through control, supervisory, and execution levels, right up to overall plant management.

“With numerous products available for each of these levels, a myriad of potential applications can quickly emerge. This can be overwhelming and seeing the wood for the trees in terms of which applications should be adopted, and in which order, can be extremely difficult and confusing.”

In setting a course to best navigate through the first three stages of the maturity model, DTG have  taken the unique approach of defining the essential elements required by a generic size and type of business, creating the ideal blueprint with a state-of-the-art approach to the digital design of new factories.

Ian continued, “Senior leaders, naturally often get laser focused when trying to solve capacity constraint issues, meaning they don’t always have the bandwidth to properly consider a strategic approach to the digitalisation of any subsequent plant expansion.

“At DTG, we have the experience, so can bring focus, we know the vendors, so can advise well, we know the products, so can select well and we have a design and systems architecture that is first in class.”

DTG believe their blueprints will improve productivity, improve compliance, and reduce carbon footprint, ultimately taking a big step towards the industries desire to create a factory of the future design.

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